Hurry up and grab the leaf blower so you can be the first one to clean up your room. Blow into your microphone to blow away the leaves. But be careful, your enemy will throw acorns at you to get to the leaf blower himself. Who will manage to have less leaves in his room in the end?

Player 1 move: WASD
Player 1 use: Spacebar
Player 2 move: Arrowkeys
Player 2 use: Enter

Microphone only works in download version. The web version can be played with a keyboard!

A Game made by
Bianca Rühr Levy (Art),
Clara Müller (Art),
David Vath (Programming), and
Lukas Hort (Programming)
in cooperation with HAW Hamburg.


AutumCleaning_PC.rar 41 MB


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Lovely game! I really like the artstyle  and overall feel of the game. also the gameplay is simple yet lots of fun. the only con is that by the end my game ran a little slower because of too many leaves on the screen. but all in all a really cute game to play with a friend!


Yes the embedded version is laggy with many leaves, but the desktop version you can download has better performance.